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  • Dr. Prasher is extremely professional and knows Spine Surgery better than any Surgeon I went to. He was able to correct another Spine Surgeons mistake and thanks to Dr. Prasher I am now able to walk without pain and I am on the road to a full recovery. He explains with an MRI what is wrong and how he is going to correct it. Afterwards, he does an X-ray and shows you how he was able to correct the problem and what you need to do to be 100%. Thank you Dr Prasher, your the best!- Frank D. in Port St Lucie, FL

  • The BEST, I had neck problem at Saint Lucie Medical and nurse called him at 600 pm and reviewed my MRI on line and said I'll be right in he came to Saint Lucie Medical at 715 pm in a 3 piece suit and was the most kind and most of all the most professional Doctor I ever meet. All I can say is he made an appointment the NEXT day to do surgery at Saint Lucie Medical At 400 pm he said I was bad and needed surgery immediately and next day done. And went home and 1 month later never felt better. - Stephen Bennett in FL

  • Dr. Prasher performed cervical discectomy and fusion for me from c-3 to c-7. I was in very bad pain and despair for a long time. Immediately after surgery I was pain free; it was like a miracle. This excellent physician gave my life back to me. Two years later I am still pain free. I cannot thank him enough. Even though I've moved a long way from Florida I and my family will forever hold Dr Prasher in highest esteem. He really cared about me. - James Hilliard in Decatur, IL